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You'll find here generals informations about Gael.




Gael has not released any recent version for a long time. Older versions will be available by the end of the site build.



You can contact the team here.


You can also come on irc to discuss at #gael on freenode.net


0.20 - rebirth

  • Full Python code
  • New core framework
  • Partial schematic view
  • Wires are available (but not components)

0.21 - the two gates

  • Components available
  • Should be possible to design a memory with 2 AND gates

0.22 - wonder of the world: the great library

  • Library manager
  • GConf used for configuration storage

0.23 - Phoenix

  • Load/Save are implemented
  • Printing is possible

0.24 - eye candi

  • Schematic capture customisation (colors, grid)

0.30 - Before cataclysm

At this point, schematic capture should be running fine. This release will be the start point of the work on the PCB layout work (0.3x series).

1.00 - the foundation

For this release, both schematic capture and PCB layout should be finished and running fine. Work on the simulation can begin from there.

1.20 - Enter the game

Simulation should be working. It's a really long way before there. Roadmap beyond this point is useless.

General tasks


  • Setup the developer section
  • Set older Gael version available for download
  • Fill the FAQ
  • Create thumbs for the screenshot section


  • Update the class diagram
  • Update the general design guide
  • Review the code for a release

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